Media Reviews:
The Two-Year Mountain
A Nepal Journey
Phil Deutschle
See Phil Deutschle's book: Across African Sand

"A remarkable book...  Phil Deutschle spent a couple of years having some pretty hair raising experiences and some rewarding experiences in Nepal...  Described in very graphic and downright frightening terms."
—Chris South, BBC Radio

"I found The Two Year Mountain interesting as much for the writer's own growth in relating to, and valuing a culture, way of life, and traditions so totally in contrast with that of his own North American  background.  Clearly Phil Deutschle himself grew in moral stature during those two years, as his self questioning shows."
—Lord Hunt, Leader of the First Successful Mount Everest Expedition

"I have read The Two Year Mountain with pleasure."
—Victor Zorza, The Times columnist, London

"Phil Deutschle manages the balancing act between frankness and self indulgence with some skill, and his book is well worth reading, especially for anyone intending to trek in Nepal.  It tells you far more about that endlessly fascinating country than any half dozen of you average climbing narratives and get perhaps as close as any westerner can to an inside view of its subject.  All in all, it's a very laudable publication...  If you're remotely interested in the subject, this should be regarded as one of the required texts."
—Jim Perrin, High Magazine, British Mountaineering Council

"Vividly captured."
—The Town Crier, Cambridge

"A most exciting book...  A journey beyond the physical and deep into the emotions...  Phil Deutschle has skillfully managed to weave together the two aspects of the journey...  Richly illustrated with photos and drawings."
—Ikast News

"This is as much an autobiography as a travel book.  It records the reactions of an amiable 23 year old Peace Corps volunteer to his years in a primitive Himalayan village.  Phil Deutschle well conveys the early sense of emotional and cultural isolation... the excitement of a recklessly brave solo conquest of Pharchamo (20,580 ft.)...  Phil Deutschle gained a lot from his experience and he describes it agreeably."
—The Good Book Guide, Winner of the Queen's Award for Export Achievement

"Written with obvious affection."
—The Geographical Magazine, The Royal Geographical Society

"A fascinating book...  It's his exciting and unusual experiences as a teacher in a Nepalese village (he had to teach in Nepalese), his experiences with the unique culture, the nature (he climbed solo a 20,000-foot peak), and people that make this book a piece of distinctive and exciting literature."
—Herning Daily News

See Phil Deutschle's book: Across African Sand

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