Across African Sand
Journeys of a Witch-Doctor's Son-in-Law
"Impossible!  You will die."—These are the final words of doom spoken to Phil Deutschle as he embarks on a journey of truly epic proportions: to cross Africa’s forbidding Kalahari Desert—the World’s Largest Expanse of Sand—alone, and by bicycle.  It’s a feat deemed to be impossible… if not suicidal.  The coming 3000 miles of sand proves a test of Deutschle’s physical stamina and mental fortitude in a life-and-death challenge seldom experienced in our modern world.  In ACROSS AFRICAN SAND: Journeys of a Witch-Doctor’s Son-in-Law, we see Deutschle doggedly dragging his bicycle through sand in temperatures exceeding 120°F, hunting with Bushmen using poison-tipped arrows, and facing down a charge of enraged elephants.  For moisture he chews on water-bearing plants, and at one point, his water reserves are so depleted that he survives by licking up the dew that has collected on his bicycle frame.

Woven into this gripping narrative of extreme adventure are colorful episodes chronicling Deutschle’s five years’ living in a grass-roofed hut in Mapoka, a remote Kalanga-tribe village in eastern Botswana.  Deutschle’s immersion into traditional African society is shockingly total—learning obscure African languages that have no written resources, dancing barefoot at tribal rain ceremonies, consulting village healers for medical treatment, and ultimately falling in-love with the daughter of the local witch-doctor.

Deutschle’s narrative—ranging from chilling descriptions of being stalked by lions to a moving account of a village boy’s typical day at school—brings Africa to life with a rare blend of brutal candor and deep empathy.   ACROSS AFRICAN SAND is richly illustrated with the author’s own photographs, and is sure to take its place among the classics of travel literature.

ACROSS AFRICAN SAND: Journeys of a Witch-Doctor's Son-in-Law
format: 6" x 9", 335 pages, 7 color plates, 18 b&w photos, maps, glossary

hardcover       ISBN 0931625378          $24.95
paperback      ISBN 093162536X          $19.95

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