Far Journey Productions


We are a small production company, specializing in environmental issues and Third World cultures.


Phil Deutschle is an international educator and writer.  With a life spread over six continents, and speaking a dozen languages, he is a true citizen of the world.

Robyn Hutman is an accomplished editor of film and video, covering topics ranging from marine biology to the quest for immortality.

In addition to the re-issue of The Two-Year Mountain by Bradt Publications, Far Journey Productions is currently working on a Nepal documentary in collaboration with renowned writer and filmmaker Matt Dickinson.

FILM: Searching For Nepal is our latest work--a feature-length documentary, which chronicles the emotional and cultural journey of a former Peace Corps Volunteer as he returns to Nepal, seeking out his adopted family in the aftermath of Nepal's Maoist civil war.

BOOK: A new edition of the classic. The Two-Year Mountain: A Nepal Journey. With his life literally hanging from a sleder rope over a crevasse near the top of a Himalayan mountain, a young man relives in his mind a relentless two-year physical and spiritual test as a Peace Corps volunteer in a remote mountain village of Nepal. Combining the elements of adventure story, travel log, and personal confession, this absorbing account describes a wrenching experience that belies the idealistic expectation of many Peace Corps volunteers.

BOOK: From DIMI Press. "Impossible! You will die." These are the final words of doom spoken to Phil Deutschle as he embarks on a journey of truly epic proportions: to cross Africa's forbidding Kalahari Desert--the World's Largest Expanse of Sand--alone, and by bicycle. It's a feat deemed to be impossible, if not suicidal. The coming 3000 miles of sand proves a test of Deutschle's physical stamina and mental fortitude in a life-and-death challenge seldom experienced in our modern world. Woven into this gripping narrative of extreme adventure are colorful episodes chronicling Deutschle's five years' living in a grass-roofed hut in Mapoka, a remote Kalanga-tribe village in eastern Botswana. Deutschle's immersion into traditional African society is shockingly total--learning obscure African languages that have no written resources, dancing barefoot at tribal rain ceremonies, consulting village healers for medical treatment, and ultimately falling in-love with the daughter of the local witch-doctor.

TELEVISION: From BBC and A&E. What is adventure? What pushes people to strive, often beyond safety, even beyond endurance, sometimes until death? Is it danger, excitement or a sense of achievement that motivates the adventurer? 'Classic Adventure' attempts to answer these questions at the same time as witnessing the attempts, both past and present, of those adventurers who seek the ultimate 'classic adventure'. In the opening two episodes of this BBC series, intrepid Phil Deutschle "leads" Matt Dickinson across the scorching Namib Desert, carrying eighty pounds of water, during their "ultimate desert survival challenge."